#1 Jinxy

May 01, 2013 12:24am

Evening all

First off i would like to simply state how much i adore boxers and after coveting them for years while i worked at a kennels, i finally found myself in a situation where i could get my own. Jeeves, my dark brindle is now just over a year and a half old now and a real cuddle monster. He loves to curl up and doze with me on the sofa or play outside, rarely seeming to leave my side unless he is basking in the garden.

Anyway my husband has been mulling over getting a second boxer to help keep Jeeves company while we work (i am only part time regardless) and because he has also fallen madly in love with the breed, particularly some of the white ones. However part of me is concerned that a second dog would lessen my bond with Jeeves, although the social situation with another boxer would no doubt do him the world of good.

I guess i'm just curious what experiences other people have had when introducing a second dog or boxer into their home. Does the 'puppy love' fade or are two dogs simply twice the loving?

Rest assured it is not a decision i intend to take likely as Jeeves is a real mama's boy.

#2 Paul

May 01, 2013 11:17am

Hi Jinxy!

I guess this could be a complicated issue.

Of the dogs listed on this site. I had Muffin and Troy as a pair. Two females.

Lottie and Jason, male & female.

Jason and Lilly, male and female.

Also right now my brother has boy and girl, Murphy & Betty.

Overall the experience was overwhelmingly positive. My experience was not one of favourites. Just more love & more fun.

I'm sure that's not everyone's and indeed after Lilly, Jason was also paired with Ben who is not a boxer and in that case I definitely had Jason as favorite. There was a lot to that though and Ben though second place I still cared for.

I would find it hard not to recommend it if you've seriously thought it through and still want to.

Of course even in the best of circumstances there are added difficulties. Most are obvious. Two dogs are double the work, double the cost. How easy or difficult would depend on temperament, health etc.

The biggest most obvious danger it would seem is the two dogs not getting on well or worse.

The first pairing I mentioned. Muffin & Troy. Weren't quiet the loved up buddies any of the others were. That being said they got on fine and slept together etc. However they did have two or three big fights.

It was a long time ago and I'm unsure why that was the case. One, Muffin was a few years older, didn't get on so well with other dogs in general and so I guess it was about domination and pecking order. Both were female perhaps that played a part too?

As I say for the most part they got on fine and I wouldn't have changed having them anyway.

It does though clue me to the possibility that some dog pairings might just not work. Depending on the temperament of the dogs involved.

So there are issues, possible troubles. I'd totally recommend it though. Some of the happiest times I've had have been with two boxers and if I felt in the position to have two again. I would in heartbeat. I'm jealous that you might have the chance.