#1 claire carr

May 16, 2007 1:51pm


#2 claire carr

May 16, 2007 2:13pm


#3 Paul

May 19, 2007 6:08pm

Hi there,

I think Claire that in many ways you're right. There's no reason white boxers shouldn't be accepted into the breed standard.

For some reason though I don't care as much as I once did. I think something more important has happened. That is that people have become more accepting of white boxers as family pets.

Once upon a time they were seen a lt more rarely I think and now many people claim to love them. Just like you and me. :)

As for breeding, well I don't know too much about that. It's something I'd be very cautious about and as you are. I'd ask around a lot and do a deal of research before contemplating it seriously.

Say hi to Bruno and Shyner! :)

#4 drev00

Apr 01, 2008 9:32pm

I am an owner and breeder of boxers and i agree that white boxers make perfect pets (as do brindles and red) BUT, white boxers carry defected genes which is not always a problem but this defect can cause blindness and deafness, and they are more proned to cancer breeding with boxers in general is not something to be taken lightly especially white 1's. Cardiomyopathy and aortic stenosis are common in boxers this if not detected can be passed on and drastically reduced the lifespan and is not a nice way for a suffering pet to live. It is almost a 100% certainty that breeding with a white dog or bitch you will get at least 1 out of the litter that has problems if bitch and dog are white then more!! The heart problem is the most serious and effects all coloured boxers and the only way to detect the problems is to have your pet heart scored if you dont how do you know you are not putting your pups in danger of having fatal heart problems in later life caused by studding your pet, and if breeding with a bitch a pregnancy could kill your pet!!!! I lost my 1st dog through a heart defect and trust me its heartbreaking and not nice watching your beloved animal collapse daily wondering if hes going to get up again. Be responsible and think very carefully of the consequences not only of your pet but of future pet owners if you are going to breed regardless at least make sure the bitch is heart scored at a specialists vets as heart problems in boxers is far too common due to irresponsible and incorrest breeding. The kennel club are working hard to reduce the rate but if people are going to breed anyway they are fighting a losing battle!!

#5 Paul

Apr 02, 2008 7:29am

Hello drev00,

Very, very interesting. Thanks for providing the insight. :)

I'm not and have never been interested in breeding. So that was a little bit of an eye opener. Though it all sounds obvious ion many ways now that you say it.

As for people breeding anyway I don't think anyway running a proper operation and registering their dogs would go against the guidelines/rules. They would know why as well as you and it would affect their livelihood.

So I'd imagine you don't have a huge problem, amongst professional breeders with it? I'd imagine that most people that don't understand would be simple owners that don't breed their dogs.

Anyway, thanks for posting drev00. Very good of you. :)

#6 wonderingstar8

Sep 20, 2008 11:54pm

i have a very awesome white boxer she is not deaf or blind and i want to breed her but i have had so many people tell me not too why is that :P

#7 Paul

Sep 21, 2008 10:31pm

Hey wonderingstar! :)

Well if you look a couple of posts up from yours you'll see the reasons given by drev00.

A good read and I think good reason not to breed your dog.

Why would you need to breed her anyway? Just enjoy having her in your life. :)

#8 Whiteboxersarethebest

Apr 09, 2009 6:16pm

Drev00 your comment is outrageous noone has ever medically concluded that white boxers are more prone to cancer or other diseases so read something before you talk :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

#9 Paul

Apr 09, 2009 7:47pm

I suppose I'll need to go research this then. In the mean time you may all fight it out between you. :D

Although that's not that likely since drev00 posted over a year ago. On a very interesting date too. Hmm..

#10 Boxers3

May 12, 2009 11:20pm

My Buster is white and had a white mother and has no problems, and my baby white boy Jaxon has a white mum and dad and has no problems.
I'm not saying that it doesn't exist - perhaps I've just been lucky - but they are beautiful dogs.

#11 Paul

May 13, 2009 1:54pm

Well, I've still not done the research Boxers3 so I couldn't say one way or the other. All I know is that my white boxer didn't have any obvious problems either so I wouldn't worry about it. :)

#12 kristyn c

Jun 23, 2009 8:16pm

There is absolutely no proof that white boxers carry a defected gene for being more suceptible to CANCER...blindness and deafness yes, but NOT cancer, so please do not believe that white boxers are easily sickened because they are just as healthy and happy as fawns and brindles but carry the gene for blindness and deafness. I do not believe in breeding white boxers to each other, however genetics will prove that breeding a white boxer to a plain bitch or sire being either brindle or fawn, the chance for white puppies is HIGHLY reduced. Breeding a white to a flashy will bring more white puppies, however a white and plain throws beautiful babies. I know because I bred my white male to a plain fawn bitch, not 1 white puppy in the litter, 7 puppies, 4 beautiful flashy males and 1 plain male, 1 flashy female, and 1 plain female.

#13 Helen

Jul 05, 2009 7:13pm

It is morally and ethically wrong to breed from White Boxers. B all means have white boxers, they are absolutely delightful but let me put some myths and absolute nonsense correct.
1 White Boxers are more sickly - absolute nonsense. Colour does not determine whether or not a dog is sickly or not.
2 White Boxers have more problems with deafness/blindness - absolutely nonsense. There is a very small minority and I mean very small minority who may be deaf or have partial hearing in more or both ears. Even if they are deaf it makes them no less a delightful companion than their hearing siblings. As for blindness I have yet to meet a blind white boxer or one who is partially sighted
3 Cancer - well this is the first time I have come across this one. Rubbish! The Boxer as a breed has more than its fair share of lumps and bumps and what could be determined necessary. Any lump. bump that appears should be checked out immediately.
4 Temperament - absolute nonsense that white Boxers are more aggressive - where do these silly statements come from!! :evil:
We have 3 Boxers, one red/white and two white - they are just as perfect, loving and great fun as their coloured "sister".
Please please dont state things that are not true - it only hypes up those who dont know facts.
The simple fact is that you should not want to breed from white boxers as they carry a gene that can make some Boxers more susceptible to hearing problems. Breed a white to a white and you have a higher risk of this occurring. Sadly not all Boxers get good homes and that one puppy with partial hearing might just end up time and time again in rescue. Breed a white to a plain coloured and you will probably but not always get some white and some coloured or all coloured. However their off spring if bred to a "flashy" coloured will likely have quite a few white pups. No one wants to belittle the white Boxer less than me, I totally adore Boxers and the white ones have such a special place in my heart but you do need to be sensible. If you love your white babies have them spayed/neutered and enjoy them for the loving special companions that they are. If you want another Boxer, go out and get one for rescue and make that Boxers life a very special one forever.
Home of the White Boxer Dog Club

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#14 Paul

Jul 08, 2009 1:05pm

Thanks for your input kristyn and Helen. I'm off to check out the White Boxer Dog Club. :)

#15 JoAnne

Aug 18, 2009 3:43pm

Whiteboxersarethebest wrote

Drev00 your comment is outrageous noone has ever medically concluded that white boxers are more prone to cancer or other diseases so read something before you talk :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

You are correct - it is outrageous to assume white boxers are substandard! Heightened cancer risk has NEVER been proven and the ONLY reason they have a risk for hearing problems is because of the lack of pigment in their inner ear. I have a white boxer and I LOVE him to death. He is perfect in every way.

That said, I really do not think that you should breed the white boxer. It is said that 25% of boxers are born white or spotted, and it's difficult to find homes for them. If you breed the white boxers, you might have difficulty placing them becuase the american kennel club does not accept white boxers.

I hope you just enjoy him/her, and do not breed. There are plenty of white boxers that need homes already.

#17 queenieb2003

Oct 09, 2009 9:53am

I have a white Boxer! She is deaf, but we love her just the same as we would any other dog! I think we should be able to breed them...although My Lola is only a baby (4 months old) I would like to breed her someday! :mrgreen:

#18 Paul

Oct 18, 2009 8:23pm

Aw sorry to hear Lola is deaf Queenie. I guess it doesn't bother her much though. :D

Thanks for posting. :)

#19 Transfrmr

Oct 23, 2009 6:22am

It is sad to see that some are so closed-minded as to reject the white boxer, which is truly a majectic and beautiful representation of this type of dog.

Who cares what the breeders and the dog-show crowd say. Aside from not being the "breed standard", which s nonsense anyways, white boxers are perfectly fine representations of this breed.

I am happy to be the owner of a white boxer and find the brindles and the other boxers ugly in comparaison. I think they're just jealous of our beautiful pups :)

#20 walker

Nov 07, 2009 9:56pm

We have a white male and a fawn female and they just had pups. We got 3 white with some black markings on eyes, and 3 flashy fawns. They are all healthy and doing well.
It is sad that breeders are so against the white boxer. They are indeed special. So since they think white boxers have so many problems does that mean that humans with white hair have a lot more problems than others? :D

#21 Donna

Jan 05, 2010 2:30pm

hi it is the first time i have seen this forum. i got given a white boxer last year.she is wonderfully loving , not deaf or with any defects. i looked into this forum as my partner would like her to have a litter but i am not too sure at all about it.she is 20 months old and is so lovely temperament wise, funny and very clever. i got her last february.i can not imagine life without her but with so many people being against breeding them i really don't know what to think.

#22 mustangstephy

Feb 12, 2010 6:18am

I have a couple of boxers, my female is white. Both are beautiful and healthy. I did allow my dogs to breed and the puppies were also beautiful and healthy and Ive had no trouble finding them homes. However I knew that the akc does not acknowledge them as a standard but I didnt know that so many people were against breeding them for health reasons. I havent been around any white boxers until a friend gave me my female a couple of years ago and I didnt know that breeding them was frowned on. But I do love them, they are such wonderful pets both the white and my fawn boxers. And all breeds have some form of defect or genetic disease that they can have like hip dysplasia. So in my opinion with more people discovering what wonderful pets white boxers are I see no reason not to breed them with solids.

#23 mllefantine

Mar 26, 2010 7:30pm


You have a white boxer, and she is deaf AND you hope to breed her? You are basically the definition of an irresponsible breeder! It is wonderful that you are providing a loving home for your gal, but by why would you want to breed her? You are GREATLY increasing the chance of deaf puppies by breeding a deaf boxer. I am not sure if you are aware of this, but most deaf dogs don't end up finding good homes. Are you planning on BAER testing the puppies to determine whether or not they can hear? What if you end up with a little of 10 deaf puppies? Are you going to inform potential owners of this fact? What if those owners later want to return their puppies because they have realized they can't handle taking care of a deaf dog? Are you willing to accept these dogs and re-home them? It's really disappointing that after all of the work many responsible people and groups have done to promote ethical breeding, there are still so many ignorant people who don't care and will just go ahead and breed their dogs anyway.

#24 mllefantine

Mar 26, 2010 7:35pm

And I also have to add that breeders are NOT against white boxers! They are fantastic dogs, and in fact about 25% of boxers are white. Breeders are against breeding white boxers, for ethical reasons. There is so much over breeding going on in the world (in all breeds) that breeding should only be occasional, with top quality dogs that have the ability to improve the breed. Breeding white boxers can potentially produce genetic defects,a nd therefore should be avoided. You can still own and love a white boxer. You can still buy a white boxer puppy from a good, ethical breeder. But because of the obvious health complications that cab occur, you should never breed your white boxer. Sure, you might be lucky and have healthy puppies, but who knows what they will be like a few years down the road? And what if you are not so lucky? Are you planning on investing the money into the testing and health care that would be necessary to properly care for the puppies? It's just a shame that people are so irresponsible when it comes to dogs.

#25 misfitisland

Apr 21, 2010 12:57pm

Hi! We have two wonderful boxer kids. Our big boy is a beautiful golden brindle and our 3 1/2 month old is a beautiful white female with a brindle ear. She is very healthy in every way. Her parents are a golden brindle and a fawn. Any idea what color puppies we would have if she bred with our brindle? We have thought a little about breeding them. They both have such great personalities and temperaments.