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Oct 08, 2012 4:58pm

We've got 2 male, 10 month old boxers, not neutered because the vet recommended to wait until they were 9-11 months old....they've recently starting fighting at least once every two weeks in-house...we see that the triggers are food, & we think the one may feel he is protecting me, the only female in the house ...since the last fight we have kept them separated and it is becoming exasperating...we plan on getting them neutered real soon...we've got a trainer coming to the house on Saturday....are we making a mistake by separating them totally from one another in separate rooms...should we wear muzzles on both of them...when they see one another, they growl and we are totally keeping them separated right now...help.....with any advice you can give.....they always love to play together & frolich around in the backyard, but at this point we're fearful of letting them do this because the one that seems most dominant acts like he could kill the more submissive boxer....

#577 Paul

Oct 08, 2012 10:53pm


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles and I will tell you what I think though I'm hesitant to call that advice as I've never really had your problem to any great extent.

Obviously keeping them completely separate isn't really a long term solution and it's never ideal. However if that is what you feel safest and most comfortable with in the short term. Until you get some professional help and direction, then that's fine.

I think it's great you've already reached out for that help and I'm sure he or she will be able to advise you better than I can. I'm just a pet owner like you.

When I was a kid Muffin & Troy had a couple of serious fights for dominance but there were only those two instances that were serious. In that case the older of the two asserted her dominance each time and that seemed to keep the peace for a lengthy period.

Certainly, shows of favour/affection, food. All these can spark trouble in an already tinderbox situation. Certainly I'd keep them apart for meals.

What I really wish I could tell you is how to solve the issue. As I've said though I'm not sure how.

One thing perhaps to try is make sure both dogs come to understand they don't get attention till you decide. To try and reinforce the idea of your authority. To try and have it so that when they are eventually back together they take their lead from you rather than your competing for you.

So that they get attention when you go to them not when they come to you. Anything liked that takes time and training but perhaps it would help. Again best ask a professional about it though I could be far wrong.

As for muzzles there's no reason not to use them, it would mean that until the problem has a more permanent solution they can't seriously damage each other. Also neutering will help somewhat in the long run. How long before that would take effect I'm unsure.

I'm very sorry I can't be more help to you. There's not much traffic here but maybe someone else will post something more helpful.

Whatever happens with the trainer let us know how it goes. I'd be interested to hear.

Good luck I really do hope for the best for you,


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